3-Way Chambray

Chambray is so versatile! You can dress it up, down, or any where in between! I even wore it with sweats a couple weeks ago. For today I wanted to show you three different ways to style your chambray tops.

tie it: To tie my chambray top I undid the bottom three buttons and tied it twice. Then I hiked my skirt up to where the shirt could meet the skirt comfortably. This is a fun way to add a little style to your top.
top :: skirt :: shoes

button it: Nothing fancy here. Pairing linen pants with a chambray top and sandals is an easy outfit combo that you will be comfortable in all day long.
top :: pants :: glasses :: shoes

tuck it: Tucking your chambray shirt into a simple pencil skirt is perfect for dressing up. This approach takes a casual shirt up to a classier look. A bright pencil skirt is sure to make a statement this spring.

top :: skirt :: vest :: shoes

Tell  us how you are styling your chambray this spring?

One Response to “3-Way Chambray”
  1. A FairView On Fashion says:

    I own a chambray shirt from J.Crew that I bought several seasons ago and you would not believe how many compliments I continue to receive on it. Chambray is definitely a great trend to feature!

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