Currently Obsessed: Polka Dot Band Fedora

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Adventuring into the accessories section can be a bit overwhelming at a store, especially when it is overflowing with items that are not custom to your jewelry stand. Often times hats can fall into that unknown, the ‘do I have the -confidence- wardrobe- boldness- to wear that.’ Hat racks can be scary places.

However, we are here to cure that fear. Hats are the perfect summer accessory. They keep the sun out of your eyes, they trap those fly-away-frizzy bangs. They look cute accompanied by any hair length and color.

Try pairing a fedora with colored pants, a fun wedge, and a simple top (like a tank & jean jacket). If you’re self conscious about wearing a hat, wear something that will draw attention down, away from your face. If you’re not self conscious about the hat- try rocking a hot pink fedora to compliment the bright colors on the bottom half of your outfit.

If an overall smooth look is more your style, pair a fedora with a simple dress and rain boot. Solid, bold colors tone down the brightness of an outfit. A simple fedora will just cap off the outfit.

Any way you wear your fedora- wear it fun. Getting dressed should always be an adventure.


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