DIY: Spring Time Tassels


1/3 yard of orange polka dot fabric
1/3 yard of coral flower fabric
1/3 yard of cream lace
24 inch rope
Tape Measure

  1. Lay fabric out. Measure 2 ½ inches wide.
  2. Cut into strips.
  3. Repeat on all fabric.
  4. Stack one of each type of fabric on top of each other. All facing up. Coral, Lace, and then orange.
  5. Lay face down, fold in half over rope.
  6. Repeat with more sets until rope is full.
  7. Use leftover lace to cut strips to tie with, ½ inch wide. Tie just under the fold by the rope.
  8. Pull it tight.
  9. Repeat on all tassels.
  10. Cut four slits on each tassel. Repeat on all. Hang it up.


Last Thursday Ruche released their Spring & Summer Guide. They filled their little magazine with DIY projects from their customers and readers. I was fortunate enough to have my DIY Tassels featured! Here is the tutorial again! I hope you enjoy and take the time to create a little tassel banner for your summer entertaining!

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