DIY: Painted Can

Painting a can is a quick project that is perfect for summer time! I used a larger than normal size can, it can be picked up at a Sam’s Club. Just wash it, peel off the label, and you’re ready to go!

1. Gather your supplies: One large can, tape, paint, tape measure, and a brush.
2. Tape it: Measure and tape where to place the stripes.
3. Tape: Finish taping all the way around the can. Press the tape down.
4. Paint: Paint inside the tape lines.
5. Paint: Finishing painting the stripes.
6. Peel it: Peel off the tape. Let it dry.

This adorable painted can is great for a lot of different things!
– Plant some succulents
– Use it to hold napkins and silver wear at a backyard bbq
– Hold kitchen utensils on the kitchen counter
– Use it as a free standing vase

A simple tin can adds a charming rustic touch to any room. Give this quick project a try this week and show us what your creative ideas are for it!


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