Fragile & Bright

“We now have this light shinning in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” – 2 Corinthians 4:7 Fragile and bright. Broken and transformed. Weak and so strong. Powerless and powerful. This verse reminds … Continue reading

Hang Me Up

Preparing for a new house, I have become pre-obsessed with things to hang on the wall.  Here are a few of my favorites! ::source:: ::source:: ::source:: ::source:: ::source:: enjoy!

Sleeping in Bliss

bedding. curtains. zinc letters. rug. pillow. pillow. throw. mirror. candles. lamp base. lamp shade. Creating a sacred space in a bedroom can seem to be a challenge. Most of us are just transitioning from our bedroom being the place we hung out with our friends to the place we no longer allow our friends. Our bedrooms … Continue reading

Be Classy.

(pants) (shirt) (belt) (shoes) I love J.Crew. If I could afford it, I would wear their pencil skirts and suits every day. Each item I have from J.Crew I cherish. However, since I can’t afford to stock my closet full of items from J.Crew, I stay inspired by J.Crew as I shop any where else. … Continue reading


Lately I have been becoming more and more stressed out because of my ever growing to do list…weddings are hard work, man!  But this morning the thought came to me, why am I dwelling on the fact that I am so stressed out?  That just makes me more stressed out!  Instead, I am purposing to … Continue reading

Wish List: Summer Dresses

1. Greenhouse Gardening Eyelet Dress 2. Eyelet Dress 3. Oatmeal Stripe Dress 4. LC Striped Dress 5. Color Blocked Maxi Dress The best part of outrageous summer heat is being able to slip on a simple dress and call it good. I am loving knit dresses and any thing that flows. Check out these dresses … Continue reading

A Sweet little Nursery

        I photographed this sweet little family earlier this week!  This momma did such a great job in baby Emerson’s nursery…don’t you think?  Emerson is an incredibly sweet little boy.  Congratulations Eric and Steph!!

Heating Up in Coral

The temps have been killer the last few days in my area. I hate when it hits 90 on up. This outfit inspiration is one way to fight back. Wearing all one color scheme is a great way to stand apart from the scorching heat. Dress Necklace Sweater Nail Polish  Wedge

Dear Monday

Dear Monday, Though you bring frowns and grogginess after we return from a weekend of playing to head to a week of working, we know you also bring joy and giggles for the week ahead. Because of you, I look forward to sunny days, lemonade, donuts, and maybe even an ice cream date. So, even … Continue reading

Peachy Keen

Sweater(old)::Tee(The Limited)::Jeans(old) I love this peach sweater! Because of the light color, it can almost be considered a neutral with most outfits. It brings just the right amount of color to an outfit to brighten you up for the day!