Some Bunting Lovin’

Everyone loves a little bunting, right?  Right.   Today I am going to show you a few different bunting options to decorate your wedding, a summer party, or just to pretty up your house.  Ready?


This setting is from a gorgeous wedding featured on Style Me Pretty.  I love how the bunting dresses up the otherwise drab ceiling.  This classy triangle bunting gives off a vintage vibe that is sure to please.


I love this take on the classic triangle shaped bunting.  Made out of a paper atlas, this bunting would be an excellent decor idea for a travel themed wedding, a bon voyage party, or maybe a study in your house.


This doily bunting would look so darling in a little girls nursery!  It would also look lovely at a baby shower, or bridal shower as well.  In fact, this would definitely fall under the wedding category as well!


Adorably shaped bunting that is reversible to boot?  Oh, My!  This sweet little bunting tutorial is the product of none other than Ashley from Under The Sycamore, but really, to anyone familiar with Ashley, it doesn’t surprise you does it?


One of my favorites!  This sweet, tiny bunting makes me want to take it home and kiss it good night!  Anything miniature just kills me, and this bunting was not the exception.  Decorate your birthday cake, wedding cake, just-because cake, and you instantly have a crowd pleaser.


This bunting is sure to be a head-turner.  With its varying sizes of rectangles, the unusual pattern will bring onlookers to your door, praising your decor and originality skills.  Just kidding…but it sure is sweet all the same!


This last is another favorite…the tassels are just adorable!  A cute take on the classic bunting, the tassels bring a glam look to the table.  Or the room, or the house for that matter!

Any guesses as to which type of bunting I am using for my wedding decor?!?!


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