DIY: Paint It

Painting an object to transform it has quickly become one of my favorite ways to update a piece. Once I get that paint brush in my hand I better hide anything I don’t want painted. Here a few projects that are brought to life with a coat of paint. Try updating an old chair or … Continue reading

Summer Days


Faith Through the Ages

I wanted to encourage you all a little bit in faith today. I have two stories I want to pull from. First, I want to look at Luke 17. A lot of people have heard of the phrase “faith the size of a mustard seed.” I took the time to find the actual size of … Continue reading

Wish List: Lazy Days

At the end of a long day putting on a sassy little dress just doesn’t sound appealing some days. On those days I have a fall back outfit. For some people “lazy outfit” means sweats and an old tee. For me, it means slouchy jeans, a loose top, and a fabulous pair of shoes. I … Continue reading

Top It Off

Nothing like a floppy hat in the summer to hide from the heat! Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration on how to wear those summer essentials! Here are a few of my favorite hats for summer time. (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) (source) In the market for a new summer hat? Here are … Continue reading

Picnic Bliss

Vintage picnics always look absolutely fabulous in photos, and they always seem so hard to recreate in real life. A few of my friends and I are creating a vintage picnic for tomorrow night. We planned our menu, established a little dress code, and sent out an invitation. We’ll see what comes of it! Here … Continue reading

Wish List: Blooming Blossoms

Top :: Dress :: Pants :: Bag :: Swimsuit :: Shoes I find summer to be so inspiring because of all the colors that fill the sidewalks, trees, gardens, and parks. Flowers can be so inspiring; all this life, shooting out of something no bigger than a large grain of salt. Wearing a floral print … Continue reading

Out of the Ordinary

Kylie isn’t just any young bride. She is confident, brilliant, tender-hearted, passionate, creative, and brave. Her wedding style exemplified her personality well. I have been anxiously waiting to see pictures from her wedding all week. Follow the link to view more fabulous photos of Kylie & Bryan’s big day! You can see all the passion … Continue reading

Blue on Blue

Skirt // Top // Boots Rumor has it rain is coming! I am all about some rain right now to wash away this heat! To celebrate this predicted rain I pulled out my rain boots and dressed in blue. I am so in love with this blue skirt too! It is so comfortable and versatile! … Continue reading

How to Say Hello

Nothing says hello better than a statement necklace. This season add a few hot pieces all while staying under an affordable budget. Each of these statement necklaces can be purchased for less than $15! Now that is something to say hello to! 1. Teardrop Collar Necklace 2. Layered Crocheted Bead Necklace 3. Mixed Chain Collar … Continue reading