Faith Through the Ages

I wanted to encourage you all a little bit in faith today. I have two stories I want to pull from. First, I want to look at Luke 17. A lot of people have heard of the phrase “faith the size of a mustard seed.” I took the time to find the actual size of a mustard seed, 1/16”. Can you say TINY?! Itty bitty, and that is all it takes to move trees into the sea. This story often feels intangible though. How does one actually quantify faith? I don’t have the answer to that, but I do have another story from the Bible that exemplifies the faith of God’s people, and God’s loyalty.

First, read Psalm 48.

These men saw city after city be destroyed by the enemy. When the enemy approached their city, God’s kingdom, they knew that God would hold fast, protecting them. They had faith in God that they would not be defeated.

God is so steadfast and faithful. We have no reason to ever doubt that his provisions and mercy will fall short.

Psalm 48: 9,10
” O God, we meditate on your unfailing love as we worship in your temple. As your name deserves, O God, you will be praised to the ends of the earth. Your strong right hand is filled with victory.”

That is faith. Faith that God is true to his word. Faith that God is eternal. Faith that God is always victorious. And in the 2,000+ years since this Psalm was written, has any of that changed?

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