Lipstick Loving

I love the burst of color lipstick adds to a look. You can be wearing all neutrals and then add a pop bright red lipstick- bam- instant class. That is pretty much what lipstick is in my mind, instant class in a tube that I can fit in my pocket. I understand not everyone loves the look of bright lipstick, but be brave for a week. Give it a try.

Here are a few of my favorites, all of which can be found at Target. Yes. Target. We all go there at least once a week anyway, why not just buy a tube of class for $5.00 while you’re there.


And if you’re wondering, “What in the world would I even where lipstick for?” My suggestions:

* Dinner/Drinks
* Date night
* Work or Class
* Afternoon at the park
* First day of school

Pretty much anywhere is acceptable in my book. What is your favorite place to wear lipstick?



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