Wedding Bliss – Part 1


I have been a major blogging slacker lately!  Holly has been doing an amazing job keeping up the blog while I have been getting married, moving, helping my sister get married, out of town, and having another wedding reception!  It has been a busy, busy 4 weeks.  But starting today, I want to post once a week featuring something from the wedding.  So much of my wedding was DIY and I want to inspire others to take on projects for their own wedding!  Today, I will tell you all about my bouquet!


When I first started planning the wedding, I wanted it to be bright, fun, and full of DIY details.  I decided not to go with the traditional bouquet…instead, I wanted to make my own!  I found a great tutorial from Fleur d’Elise.  I followed to tutorial, but added my own touches by picking out some fun buttons and pins to add.  I originally wanted a brooch bouquet, but vintage brooches are hard (and expensive!) to come by.  So here is the finished product!




The starish-looking brooch on top of my bouquet belonged to my great-grandmother.



I hope you enjoyed the first Wedding Bliss post!  Next week, I will show you the bridesmaid’s bouquet’s!!


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