Wedding Bliss – Part 2

Hello again!

Today I will show you the flowers I made for my wedding!  I went the DIY route because of the look of the wedding, but also because I was looking for ways to be more economical in our decor.

First up are the bridesmaids bouquets!  I began with a package of styrofoam balls from Joanns.   I cut strips of yellow fabric and wrapped and glued with hot glue, then attached a floral stem to each of the balls.  I collected them together, and used floral tape to secure.  After the tape I used a strip of blue fabric to cover the tape, and then used red ribbon to attach a little charm with the first initial of each bridesmaid to her bouquet.


Next is the boutonnieres and corsages.  For the bouts I used smaller styrofoam balls and then used basically the same method as the bouquets.  The corsages were made using some of the same flowers as I made for my bridal bouquet.


My “throw” bouquet was made with some of the same type of flowers as my  bouquet, just on a simpler scale, and I made my garter by sewing elastic onto a strip of lace, and then attaching the pretty blue fabric and leaves.



And there you have it!  Some of the bouts and corsages varied because of the person they were to be given such as our parents, grandparents and groomsmen.  But these are the pictures we have, and I think they show the flowers beautifully!  Stay tuned for more Wedding Bliss posts!

One Response to “Wedding Bliss – Part 2”
  1. Momma Mindy says:

    Your wedding was amazingly adorable! I was so thrilled to be there and see you marry a godly young man.

    I think you need to submit your wedding pics to this blog! They highlight special weddings, and it might drive traffic to your blog.

    Always fun to stop by and see the creativity of two special young women!

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