It’s easy to get broken and worn down in this life. Our world tells us constantly of the unreal expectations for us. We are not super energized, time-freezing people. We are real people, with real problems, that get really exhausted. Honestly, we can’t do anything in our strength. There is good news in that though- … Continue reading

Red & Stripes

Guess what. In addition to being far too crazy with school, I have officially joined the colored pants club. Yes, I am aware it is now about a year since the colored pants wandered into our favorite stores. I just had a really hard time finding a pair that fit to my standards. Alas, I … Continue reading

How to Host a Party

I love hosting little dinner parties. There is something so exciting about making up my home and inviting my friends over to enjoy a little break from our typically un-decorated college lives. There are a few things I recommend for throwing a party. I have pulled some of my favorites from Pinterest, from decorating your … Continue reading



Be Calm

  School is officially in full swing and I can’t help but stress out a little bit. Senior year, that’s a big deal. However, stressing does nothing, in fact, I think it even slows you down. So if you’re in the same boat this morning, take a deep breath and relax. Just calm down and … Continue reading

Wish List: Faux Fur

1. Faux Fur Vest 2. Faux Fur Pillow 3. Faux Sheepskin Rug 4. Cropped Faux Fur Vest 5. Faux Fur Stole OK, before your cringe and want to run away from the amount of fur here take into account one simple word. Moderation. I would never advise you to wear more than one piece of … Continue reading

Wedding Bliss – Part 3

This week I will show you the bridal party wedding attire!  First up, the bridesmaids!! I had always said I would never have my bridesmaids wear red.  Guess what they wore?!?!   I had originally planned for each maid to wear a different dress, but that turned out to be to hard to find a … Continue reading

Stripes on Stripes

  shirt. vest. skirt. boots. flower clip.     I can’t get enough of stripes. I would wear them head to toe if no one would look at me like I am a clown. This skirt allows me to pull off the double stripes though since the stripe in the skirt is so subtle. Please … Continue reading

Polka Dot Loving

  1. iPhone Case 2. Scarf 3. Wedge 4. Washi Tape 5. Purse 6. Pencil Skirt There is just something about polka dots that always makes me giddy. They always seem so happy and playful. Adding polka dots to your wardrobe, or even your desk top, can add a small amount of joy to your … Continue reading

Hitting the Books

Skirt. Tee. Belt. Yesterday was my last first day of school. Forever. Done. Can’t make me go back. The weeks coming up to the first day of school are typically filled with me anxiously deciding what to wear on that first day. You make a huge impression. Right? Maybe I’m just psycho, but I always … Continue reading