Hitting the Books

Skirt. Tee. Belt.

Yesterday was my last first day of school. Forever. Done. Can’t make me go back. The weeks coming up to the first day of school are typically filled with me anxiously deciding what to wear on that first day. You make a huge impression. Right? Maybe I’m just psycho, but I always tried to be extra brave on the first day of school. For example, if I wore heels on the first day, it wouldn’t be weird if I wore heels later in the school year, even if I wore them only a handful of times the whole semester. Odd logic. I’m a girl so its ok. Its allowed.

So this year I figured I better go all out. Or at least half all out. I opted for a midi to attempt to keep me cool, seeing as it was 90 degrees. What’s going on September? Not cool. The simple grey tee (with mini leather pocket) was my choice to help keep the skirt from getting too girly and fancy.

How was your first day back at the books? Or are you one of those lucky people, like Miss Kylie, that get to be all graduated and be real grown ups? Either way, I hope you had a fabulous first few days of fall!


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