Wedding Bliss – Part 3

This week I will show you the bridal party wedding attire!  First up, the bridesmaids!!

I had always said I would never have my bridesmaids wear red.  Guess what they wore?!?!   I had originally planned for each maid to wear a different dress, but that turned out to be to hard to find a dress for everyone in the same price range.  So when I had ordered one of these dresses, and it came in the mail, I knew it was the one!  Their shoes are from Target!




The flower girl wore a sweet little gingham dress from Crew Cuts.



The groomsmen wore pants and vests from a tux from Men’s Warehouse.  They all thanked me for not making them wear jackets!  Their shirts and ties were also from Men’s Warehouse.

The Ring Bearer wore gray pants and a blue gingham shirt from Crew Cuts.  I made his little yellow bowtie the night before the wedding!



Well, there you have it!  Next time I will show you what I wore!


2 Responses to “Wedding Bliss – Part 3”
  1. loveitliz says:

    Loving the blog -It’s so stylish. I’d love it if you could check out mine. Keep posting!

  2. Momma Mindy says:

    I’m loving reliving that special day through your blog. The dresses were stunning and I loved your boldness in choosing colors that set such a creative stage. Everything you crafted was just amazing, Kylie. It was so personal and unique. Wonderful job!

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