Oh, Baby!

Hello there!!  I hope you enjoyed our welcome back post and the sneak peeks of events in the past 10ish months!  The first bit of news is that my hubby and I (Kylie) are expecting a little one in just 5 weeks!

576740_478626275523768_1107447942_n(profile at 25 weeks)

I am 35 weeks along as of today…the time is flying by!  I still have a mountain of things I need to get done before baby is here, but I am just plugging away at them one at a time.

When I found out I was expecting, I didn’t tell Bryan I was taking the test.  I wanted to surprise him in a special way!  I tried to come up with something unique, but not over the top.  At the time, he was pretty in to Words with Friends, so I took a blank game page and photoshopped the letter tiles in.  This was the end result.


I then uploaded it to my phone and when he got home from work I said, “Bry!  Look at this word I played in our game!”  At first he was confused…but when he read it all together he got the sweetest look on his face and said, “seriously?!?!”.  Then we sat there for a few minutes…just thinking about everything thing that was going to happen/change in the next 9 months.  It has been scary, exciting, emotional, lovely and the best thing that has happened since being married last July.

Kylie Maternity-1

The official due date is June 25th.  From weeks 7-14  I threw up everyday…sometimes more than once.  Whoever came up with the term “morning sickness”, obviously never had it, because it is really “all-day-feel-like-crap-and-have-no-energy-or-motivation sickness’.  It was pretty rough for a while.  My second trimester was pretty good, just the normal uncomfortable feelings.  I did have terrible heartburn, but I started drinking a couple tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar everyday and that has helped tremendously!  I have been tired, but the last week I have been really feeling large, exhausted and feeling ready to meet the little baby soon!

Kylie Maternity-31

Baby kicks have been the most lovely thing about pregnancy.  Sure, they hurt sometimes, but the thought of the little love moving around in there and learning to use the amazing body God has created is the most amazing thing the world.  I will miss the kicks and rolling!

Kylie Maternity-24

I chose not to find out the sex of the baby…it will be a surprise when s/he decides to make an entrance.  While I didn’t want to know, Bryan was dying to find out.  So I told him he could find out as long as he didn’t tell anybody, and especially not me!  He has done a great job of keeping it a surprise for me…I have absolutely NO clue what our little babe is!

Kylie Maternity-69

We are so excited to meet this baby!  We are counting down the days…and are excited to introduce the sweetie to you when the day comes!


all maternity images by Elisabeth Eden

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