Wish List: Puppy Edition

This past winter Timothy and I fostered little Miss Molly for about 4 days. We were hoping to keep her for my parents (my little brother is allergic), but our apartment voted no on little 4 pound puppies. My heart was broken. That little pooch stole my heart in an instant. So even months after she has returned to my parents my heart still longs for her furry little head.


Miss Molly & Holly (confusing, huh?)

If I would have been able to keep Molly I would have spoiled her rotten with a few of the items below. Any fabulous puppy should be fully suited with a shark suit, blueberry biscuits, and circus tent kennel, right?

puppy edition

Treat Dreams
Pet Smart
Design Sponge
With Your Collars
Pet Smart


One Response to “Wish List: Puppy Edition”
  1. Riah says:

    Aw, what a cutie! Sorry you couldn’t keep her!

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