This spring I got a little sick of my hair. It was incredibly long (beyond my elbows), it was unhealthy and tangled all the time. I wanted to just chop it off. So I did.

I was scrolling on Pinterest and found this picture. I loved her hair. I showed my hubby and he was all for it. Two hours later, bye bye 14 inches of hair.

Source (unknown)


Most days my hair ends up straight or in a little mini bun on the back of my head. Its fun to try something new, but I’ll be honest, I can’t style my hair to save my life!


I love Krystal Bick’s hair. She manages to get the right amount of curl and wave in her shoulder length hair.

Shortly after I chopped my hair off Kylie informs me she is doing the same! Her hubby loves short hair so she decided to be brave and give it a shot. I love her cut! She manages to find the time almost daily to make her little bob absolutely adorable! Jealous!

Kylie Maternity-24

Photo by Elisabeth Eden

This spring we have had some fun playing with our short hair. I think Kylie has been a bit more adventurous with her hair, and I’m just getting to the point where I feel like I can style it. Oh the joys of being hair styling challenged. However, my inability doesn’t ever seem to stop me from chopping it off or going for a more simple look, like the one below.

floral print Bershka skirt - pink bow BLANCO blouse


How about you? Do anything crazy with your hair this spring? It certainly does feel nice to have less hair blowing in my face all the time. For now, I like my short little mop.

One Response to “Chop”
  1. Iva says:

    Yeah, I am definitely crazy with my hair and want something new. I envy, nobly my cousin who changes her hair style regularly – every few years. It is high time I do the same!

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