Tiny Parts of Home

Kylie and I have both been dying to show you our new homes. Unfortunately real life just keeps getting in the way. So today I have a few photos just to show you tiny parts of my home. Maybe sometime in the future I will pick up all my laundry, deflate our air mattress, and … Continue reading

DIY Mini Tied Bunting

Last Friday we had a big storm in Minneapolis. I am beyond relieved that we were out of town! A block away from our apartment a huge tree is laying over the entire road. So since that tree decided to take a cable down with it, we have no Internet. I swear I’m not going … Continue reading

Summer Wardrobe

Spring and fall are easy seasons to dress for. Winter can be simple because you basically throw every item in your closet on. Summer. Summer is a different story. In the morning I get up, stare at my closet, and dread putting any ounce of clothing on my body. Unfortunately, that is just not acceptable. … Continue reading


  There is a loud and powerful thunderstorm moving through our area at the moment.  And while I love a good storm, you have to know to respect them as well.  You can’t carelessly wander about town while it is hailing or during a tornado warning…it just isn’t wise. In life, we are forced to … Continue reading


Who doesn’t love a good day at the pool soaking up the sun? If you get too hot lounging on your pool chair you can wander over to the pool and dip your toes in, or do a canon ball if you’re into that sorta thing. Me, I prefer the concrete. Please no water, grass, … Continue reading

Happy Hump Day!


Ingredients for a Party

After seeing a little inspiration yesterday on invitations for a party we thought it would only be appropriate to show you a few tidbits of inspiration for how to throw the party! Throwing a party can be a bit intimidating, so hopefully our ingredients for a party get you on the right track to throwing … Continue reading

Throw a Party!

Hello!  With everyone in the midst of summer plans and busyness, it is hard to keep up with friends!  So why not throw a party?!  Here are some of my favorite inspirations for party invites…some are for a wedding, some for a birthday, but the idea behind them could be translated to any type of … Continue reading

All Surpassing

When I think of someone who is wise I tend to think of that person as mature, intelligent, put-together, quite serene, and maybe even a little hard to understand. Wisdom is an attribute sought after by many and achieved by few. The ultimate example of wisdom comes not from man, or even Yoda, but from … Continue reading

Sofa Table DIY

Good Morning!  I have a lovely little DIY for you today, and a sneak peek of one of the rooms in our little house! One tough thing about moving is that you have to figure out where everything’s home is IN your home!  We had a sofa table given to us by some friends, but … Continue reading