Greens Inside

Peonies Chopped

As we get more settled into our new apartment I keep asking myself what to add or change that will help transform the space into a place we love. I scrolled through my Pinterest board of Dream Home Ideas and noticed one thing I lacked- plants. You might be familiar with my inability to grow basil, so getting a real plant just sounds dangerous and heart breaking.

So far my succulents are hanging in there all right, but that small amount of green was not enough to sustain the entire apartment.

Over the weekend I purchased a white hexagon patterned vase from Target that I have had my eye on for awhile. I knew instantly I wanted to fill it with giant peonies. However, peonies, or any flower for that matter, don’t live long. So rather than buy flowers that will die in 2 weeks, I purchased a small bunch of fake peonies from JoAnn’s and arranged my own simple bouquet.

peonies intro

The project was simple and took less than 10 minutes to complete- 15 if you’re picky about how to arrange your flower arrangement.

I put the styrofoam round in the bottom of the vase. Then I trimmed the stems to the height I wanted. To trim them I used scissors to cut through the plastic lining, then just bent the metal wire back and forth until it snapped. Lastly, I stuck each stem through the round.

peonies steps

It was a quick project that instantly added some floral life to my living room. More power to you if your green thumb works! I would love to fill my home with fresh blossoms every week, but I’ll settle for these pretty blossoms.


One Response to “Greens Inside”
  1. Vickie Renken says:

    Love it!

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