Where The Light Shines In…

As I try to transform our little house into a home, one conundrum I have come across is what to do about all of the windows?!   Curtains Can be expensive, and definitely not always less expensive to make.  So do I buy fabric and sew my own?  Find some pretty drapes at the store?  I have been searching all over for some ideas…here are a few of my favorites!



These simple stenciled drapes compliment the color scheme of the room and add a fun element!




I love the chevron pattern on these curtains, but I especially love the industrial DIY curtain rod!!




These simple striped curtains are an easy DIY, and would be a fast afternoon project.  I love the bold black!



Another option is to simple cover pull down shades in fabric.  This would be a less expensive alternative, and create a lovely modern appeal.

photo (97)


These puddled silk drapes are to die for!  Someday these will hang in a room of my home!




This is a quick DIY from Young House Love.  It looks so simple and I am definitely planning on using this technique in our bathroom.

Has anyone else found some great inspiration for window treatments lately?  I would love to hear about it!


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