Now I Lay Me Down

Lately I can’t stop craving white. I find it dreamy, romantic and soothing. To me, those words should describe my bedroom too. There is nothing more relaxing and romantic at the same time than a mystical and soothing bedroom. It seems like the most sacred room in your home, and it should be cherished as such. Don’t fill the space with left over clutter. Instead, transform the space to a place where you lay your head down each night with a smile on your face.

Here are a few bedrooms filled with dreamy whites and greys that make me swoon. I can’t wait to finish setting up our new bedroom and bringing my own unique white touches.





In case all these dreamy whites put you in the mood to create your own dreamy wonderland, I gathered a few items to help you achieve that look.

Pillows A // B // C // D
Bedding A // B // C
Candles A // B
Furniture A// B //



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