Who doesn’t love a good day at the pool soaking up the sun? If you get too hot lounging on your pool chair you can wander over to the pool and dip your toes in, or do a canon ball if you’re into that sorta thing.

Me, I prefer the concrete. Please no water, grass, or sand for me to tan on. I just want that  beach chair and I want to be as far from everything as possible. I want a big cup of ice water, a good book, a bottle of tanning oil, and typically a cover-up.

Sometimes I’m just not comfortable strutting around in my bikini (no problem if you’re into that, I just get all weird about showing off my tummy and other things). So, if you’re in that boat with me (or you know, sitting on a solid surface isolated from anything that threatens to destroy you)- Here are a few of my favorite cover-ups.

Old Navy


Old Navy

J. Crew

And we all need a good beach bag to lug around our books, towels, sunglasses, snacks, oils, and what ever other essential item you just can’t leave at home.

Mod Cloth


Happy beaching/pooling/water-hiding-sun-bathing!



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