Summer Wardrobe

Spring and fall are easy seasons to dress for. Winter can be simple because you basically throw every item in your closet on. Summer. Summer is a different story. In the morning I get up, stare at my closet, and dread putting any ounce of clothing on my body. Unfortunately, that is just not acceptable. So instead I spend far too long staring at my closet groaning and moaning until I come to the conclusion that once again a pair of shorts and a tank top will have to do.

If you’re stuck in the same boat I am, here is some inspiration of what to wear when wearing nothing at all sounds best.





Loose fitting shorts, shift dresses, breezy tank tops, and any hat to keep the heat off your face — those are the best options next to running around in your birthday suit in my mind.

I hope your days are filled with freezing cold lemonade and central air!



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