DIY Mini Tied Bunting

photo (27)

Last Friday we had a big storm in Minneapolis. I am beyond relieved that we were out of town! A block away from our apartment a huge tree is laying over the entire road. So since that tree decided to take a cable down with it, we have no Internet. I swear I’m not going entirely insane without it, but mildly close.

So yesterday evening I was trying to think of how to entertain myself for a little bit and that is when I decided to make a long strand of mini tied bunting.

The process was simple and the entire project took me about an hour.

photo (28)

Cut 14 5inch strips of 3 types of fabric.
Lay out 6feet of embroidery thread.
Tie one strip of fabric on at a time, spaced about 2inches apart.
Hang it up on a wall, in a door way, on your shower curtain, wrapped around a present for extra decoration, or any other place your heart desires.

photo (24)


photo (25)


photo (26)


photo (28)




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