Tiny Parts of Home


Kylie and I have both been dying to show you our new homes. Unfortunately real life just keeps getting in the way. So today I have a few photos just to show you tiny parts of my home. Maybe sometime in the future I will pick up all my laundry, deflate our air mattress, and hang items on our walls. Until then, all I have are random decor items that are settled in their permanent home.


Vintage candle stand, Fiesta Ware vase, Ikea bamboo shoot & vase


Hobby Lobby vase & flowers, faux antlers

Living Room

Couch (used), coffee table & end table (made by my parents), rug (Ikea)

Maybe some day soon you will get to see the rest of my home. For now, you’ll have to live with these few little peeks inside. I hope you’re staying cool in this evil summer heat.


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  1. […] last home in Minneapolis was adorable and that crazy orange couch was crazy comfy! I finally fell in love with our bedroom in that apartment too. A few months after […]

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