A Week Away

Timothy and I embarked on a little adventure last week. We packed our suitcases yet again and piled into a van with Timothy’s family. Off to Wisconsin and Detroit we went. Lots of family. Lots of hours in the car. Lots of fast food. Lots of talking. Lots of having fun.

It was great to see family and venture out of Minneapolis for a bit, but I am glad to be home again.

We found quite a bit to entertain us, whether it was to Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, Mini Golf, or to Mejeir 10 times a day, it was an exciting week.

Detroit Collage 1

I ate way too many donuts, met a cute, scrappy puppy named Bella, and played on a beach in Detroit (Belle Isle).

Detroit Collage 2

We found a cute chocolate shop and wandered through a farmer’s market. I held a sparkler for the first time without freaking out, and watched by sister-in-law carry a blueberry bush through a crowded market.

I even got to meet up with Kylie for a day while on this road trip. It had been far too long since the two of us had seen each other!

It was a fun week, but so nice to be home. Time to get back to the real world. Hope you had a happy holiday weekend.




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