Wish List: Notecards

I love paper. I really really love it. I can’t help it. I have at least a dozen blank notebooks sitting on my book shelf. I have packages upon packages of notecards, and I can’t help but browse through adorably illustrated greeting cards in stores.

Not only do I love the looks of notecards, but I love receiving them and sending them. Receiving a handwritten note is so heart warming- especially when its for no reason at all.

Yesterday I found myself browsing through the cards at a local gift shop. I found two that I just had to take home with me and plan to put on display in our bedroom. However, most of the time I like to send them to people.

Here are a few sets of cards that I have and am crushing on.

photo (45)

Rifle Paper Co.

photo (44)


photo (43)


photo (42)


Eat Drink & Be Merry Card

Rifle Paper Co.

Bonjour Card

Rifle Paper Co

Assorted Girlie Dog Set

Rifle Paper Co

Pinstripe A2 Thank You Notes

Paper Source

Chevron Gold On Cream

Paper Source

I can’t wait to find a couple little frames to put the Bee’s Knees & Bliss card in for our bedroom. And I think its time to be writing some more little notes to friends and family. Who can you mail a little card to this week?



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