Powder Room – The Current State

Remodel’s are hard work!  We are so blessed to have an extra toilet in our basement…we would have been in trouble if we didn’t!  After tiling the shower, the next big things were:

1. The floors…what the heck do I do with that ugly linoleum??

2. The walls…paint, obviously!

I decided to tackle painting the floors…and I am so happy I did!!  I used Dutch Boy brand porch paint and went to work.

Here it is before anywork was done.

The white is on!!

I thought taping was going to kick my butt…but it only took about an hour tops to get it done!

Grey is on…I’m getting nervy and excited to take off the tape.  Patience!

Ummmm, whoa!  Way better than I even thought it would be!  I am so excited about these floors.  Here is a little peek at the walls too…

We are getting there…slowly but surely our little bathroom will be bright and fresh and FINISHED!!


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