DIY Plus Sign Pillow


I have seen plus signs popping up everywhere. I love how this simple shape is making its mark on decor. To put my own little flare on the symbol, I made some simple plus sign pillows.


lay pillow form on fabric, make sure you have enough fabric to cover the pillow all the way around, +5 inches


next, you need to cut your template for the plus sign. I made mine 7″x 7″, each stem 2″ wide.


then cut out the plus sign. pin it to your fabric, then cut around it leaving about 1/2 ” on each side.


cut a slit at the corners so each side can fold over.


iron each side down. remove template.


pin each flap down. its okay if excess sticks out on corners. we will trim that off.


sew all the way around the plus sign. trim off excess that can be seen from front.


wrap pillow cover fabric around pillow form as will be sewn. pin plus sign in place. remove pillow form. sew plus sign in place.


once plus sign is sewn on, finish sewing the pillow form as you would according to this tutorial.


there you go. new plus sign pillows.


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