Road Trip Pt. 1


This summer Timothy and I spent a few weeks in South Carolina for work. On our way back to the Midwest we decided to take our time a bit. We had two main stops in mind, Washington D.C. and Chicago to visit some friends.

While we were in D.C. it happened to be Timothy’s birthday, so that made it a little extra special.

Our first stop in D.C. was in Alexandria, VA (which is technically a suburb of the D.C.). While there we stayed a few blocks off of King Street. It was a beautiful little neighborhood full of local shops and restaurants. The street ended right at the river. We spent a few hours exploring this area, eating dinner, and staring at the boats.



For our second day we went up to the Eastern Market to get some food for a little picnic. I love farmer’s markets so I couldn’t pass this up! We shared a crepe filled with honey, peaches, and granola for breakfast and bought a few extra peaches for later.


From there we took the subway to the National Mall. We went in a few of the museums, rented bikes, and just had fun exploring the area.



After the National Mall we found ourselves in another little neighborhood exploring the little shops and restaurants.

Our day and a half in D.C. was such a fun little trip that I am glad we took. It was great to break up our 21 hour drive back home up with some city adventures.



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