DIY Stitched


We moved into our house a little over a week ago and I have all the main rooms unpacked; kitchen, living room, bedroom, and my craft room. Pretty much nothing is on the walls yet, but that is just fine for now. We’ll get there!

In the meantime, I wanted to make a couple little things to hang in my craft room. This is the first project I made. Brave, though it be quite trendy right now, has been a word that has been sticking out to me all year so I wanted to make a little project to display it.


I also am in love with embroidery thread. So many colors. So lovely.

Cardboard (I used the back of a notepad)
2 packs of embroidery thread (I used about 24 inches per letter with plenty of wiggle room)
Tape (to secure the thread)



This project is quite simple. I finished it in about 2 hours. Write out your word or phrase on the cardboard in pencil. Poke holes for the thread, and then thread each letter. After you finish the letter, secure the thread with tape on the back.


In case you need a little extra inspiration, some other words/phrases to stitch:
– Joy, Love, Home, Eat, Dream
– Last name
– Child’s name
– Love you more
– Sweet Dreams

Let me know what other ideas you have to stitch!



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