DIY: Wrapped Hoops


I was browsing through my Creations board on Pinterest looking for a quick DIY to fill my afternoon and came across a tutorial I had pinned a few months back. It looked quite simple and a great way to spruce up some old hoop earrings.

The project proved to be as simple as it looked and I love the result!


A couple additional notes on her tutorial:
– I wrapped my hoops in two colors and needed to use about 50″ of the main color to maintain a good handle to wrap with.
– I applied glue in a few spots along the way to make sure it would stay tight.
– I also made little marks on the hoops with a Sharpie at the same spots so I knew where to switch colors.
– Lastly, ouchy. Maybe I have wimpy hands, but I had a hand-cramp for the majority of the project! So, be warned. Sometimes cute earrings means a bit of pain. Totally worth it though.





I love all the color combos Flax & Twine used on her pairs. You could certainly pick more fall colors or just stick with neutrals to match everything! I hope you try this simple project to spruce up some hoop earrings!



2 Responses to “DIY: Wrapped Hoops”
  1. Aroon Melane says:

    These are awesome! You can customize any hoop earrings you want!

  2. Nicole says:

    Holly, these are so cute! I have some old embroidery thread laying around that I have been trying to find a use for, so excited to try these out 🙂


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