Taking the Time: She Reads Truth

A few months ago an app was released called She Reads Truth. Since they launched it I have been in love. This app is more than just a Bible reading app; the women who created it truly desire to foster genuine community, dive into Scripture, and grow as followers of Christ.

SRT return

A few things their app offers:

– Bible (NIV)
– Study plans (some free, some for purchase)
– Bookmark & note taking capabilities
– Downloadable inspirational images
– Commenting on study plans

By far my favorite feature is the study plans! It is set up so that you read a few verses and passages, then read a short devotional written by the creators, and then you can comment on the study or comments other women have left.


Today they started a new plan and are going out of their way to make it accessible to everyone. On the app the study is free and online they even offered a pay what you can journal. Basically, all of this to say: Join in. Take the time to sit down, open your Bible and join this community of women digging into God’s Word together.

What do you say? Will you take the time to join in?



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