Fall is Here



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Fall is here

Yes, it is true. Today is the first day of fall! In my mind it has been fall since September started, but since I can’t change the calendar I’ll celebrate with the rest of the world today. Happy fall!

With each passing season it is so easy to get caught up in our to do lists full of projects, responsibilities, and obligations. Blah!

To make sure this fall season didn’t fly by with me missing out on my favorite fall activities, I made a list of a few activities I wanted to enjoy before the flakes start flying.

Fall Activities List

paint a few pumpkins
bake pumpkin donut holes

collect pine cones to decorate with
have a few coffee dates
pick apples
go on a Harvest Moon hayride
make a Thanksgiving banner
drink way too many pumpkin spice lattes
play in the crunchy leaves


I think fall should be all about slowing down and taking in everything this beautiful season has to offer. I know its hard to put our busy schedules on hold, but I think it is entirely worth it to experience fall!

What about you? What is on your fall activities list?


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