Slouchy Tops

IMG_8505b copy

I got this sweater last spring and have been dying to wear it. I only had a couple chances before it got too hot for it. But now that fall is here I can wear it to my hearts content!

I love the extra frill on the bottom and the open back look without having to worry about layering a tank underneath.

And these heels- I debated a long time on them. I love how they look, they’re comfortable (and affordable) but I was torn on what seasons they would really work in. Would my feet get too hot in the summer? Would I banish them once there was the faintest sign of snow? So far, they have proved to be 3 season shoes. They haven’t faced winter yet. I’ll let you know when we get there. For now, they are an incredibly fun shoe for fall.




IMG_8526 b



top Anthropologie (similar)  // jeans Loft // pumps Target // necklace  American Eagle (similar)



2 Responses to “Slouchy Tops”
  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Love the style and color of the sweater. An awesome outfit you have put together here; holding onto the warm weather with the open toes. 😉

  2. I love this look! I’ve been eyeing a similar sweater at Anthropologie that is orange, I may have to break down and get it now!

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