October Favorites

October Round Up 2014


Anthropologie // Illume // Old Navy // H&M

I have been building up my fall wardrobe the last few weeks (I’m aware you don’t wear a candle, but stick with me). Each new season that comes it always seems that there are a few staples that need refreshing.

Last spring I wore through my cherished skinny jeans so I knew a new pair would be crucial for fall. I also needed a pair of flat booties. I have several pairs of booties that are heels, but I think my feet are a little out of practice lasting more than 3 hours in heels.

A couple weeks ago I was wandering through H&M and came across this fringe purse. I was instantly in love and begged my hubby to let me take it home. He obliged. He got many kisses in return. Lastly, that candle. Few things beat a home that smells like fall as the temperatures drop. I love cozy, spice, fall scents. I would burn them all day long if I could.

What about you? Any October favorites you’re adding to your home or closet?



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