DIY Mason Jar Sconce

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A couple weeks ago I came across a pin on Pinterest of this project. Of course, no tutorial to be found. After the hubby did a little hunting he found one that we read through first. Hopefully our photos are detailed enough to help you replicate the project too!

We used a piece of wood from a pallet we had in the garage. We also had jars, screws, and the tools needed on hand. All we had to buy was a sanding block and the metal rings.

IMG_8705 edit supplies

– 3 mason jars
– 3 screws 1″
– 21″ piece of wood (we got ours from an old pallet)
– 3 metal rings (found in piping section)
– saw
– screw driver
– drill
– hammer
– crow bar (only if you use a pallet)
– sanding block

IMG_8710 edit prep wood

Step 1: get your wood. As you can see, we used a chunk from a pallet. That is what we had on hand. If you just want to buy a piece and have the hardware store cut it down for you, be my guest. He used the hammer to pound the crow bar in so he could pry out the nails. It was loud, and scary, and required more muscle than I have.

IMG_8717 edit cut

Step 2: measure and trim wood.  The end held in place by the cinder block is the end we used. Our cute little saw did a good job. Again, it just took some patience and muscle.

IMG_8720 edit sanding

Step 3: sand the edges. News flash, pallets are rough on the edges and I’m not a fan of splinters. Sand down the edges as much as you want. We left it pretty rough still, but just enough that if I happen to run my hand along the wood I won’t end up hunting down my tweezers to remove a splinter.

IMG_8731 edit


IMG_8732 edit pound hole

Step 4: mark the holes and make the holes. To make the mark in the same spot on each ring he lined them up and marked with a pencil on the metal. Then to make the holes we laid the metal out flat, put the screwdriver where we needed the hole, and then pounded repeatedly with the hammer until the screwdriver went through the ring. A drill bit would have been excellent for this… We, however, like to do things the hard way… and may have lost our drill bit. Again, muscle, patience, and maybe a pretty girl’s assistance.

IMG_8737 edit  attach

Step 5: attach the metal rings. Evenly space the rings on the wood, deciding where you want each jar to be placed. Then use the drill to attach the rings, using your 1″ screws.

IMG_8738 edit tighten

Step 6: tighten the jars in place. After your rings are attached, slip the jars into the rings and twist the screw to tighten. Make it very, very tight. You don’t want to pick it up and watch your jars go crashing to the ground.

IMG_8746 edit

That’s it! Pretty simple project. And I can’t wait to fill it with who knows what! A few ideas though: fake flowers, bathroom essentials, pens, wooden spoons, holiday decorations. Endless options!

*A note on hanging* As far as hanging it on the wall, we did not get that far yet. We were going to use several picture hangers, but we have misplaced them. You could also just drill straight through the board into the wall where you want to hang it. Anchors might be necessary though.

IMG_8750 edit

Oh, and every girl needs a pink tool bag. Happy crafting!




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