DIY Rustic Runner

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I love that Halloween is over and now I can really start thinking about the holidays.  Thanksgiving is wonderful for several reason:
1. awesome food
2. pretty fall colors, minus tacky Halloween decor (sorry, but I am not a Halloween fan).
3. throwing parties with wonderful people
4. more awesome food

Come on! Let’s get in the turkey mood!

I whipped up this quick and simple table runner in less than 30 minutes. Its rustic, simple, and a little playful. I used a strip of canvas fabric and about 2.5 yards of pom pom trim. I used my sewing machine to sew the trim on and just like that I had a new simple table runner.

starting instructions copy



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After you have your 6 strips cut, lay them out on the piece of fabric. Make sure to measure that your trim is evenly spaced. I did mine 3″ apart from the bottom of the pom pom to the top of the next row of trim. Pin the strips in place. The last step is to sew them on! Super simple.

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Have you started thinking about Thanksgiving yet? The key to holiday crafts is to think ahead about what you want to accomplish! So go ahead, start making your crafting list!



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