A Touch of Glam

IMG_8882 edit

We all know glitter and sparkle is great. Which is why when I saw this beanie a couple weeks ago (showed it to you in the Cold Weather post) I knew I needed it. Winter brings enough dreariness on its own, why mimic that in the way we dress? Let’s embrace winter with a little more glam!

Another little subtle touch in this outfit that is hard to see is the shimmer in my blazer. I wish it was more noticeable, but it has a touch of sparkle all over. Quite the festive touch.

IMG_8873 edit

IMG_8845 edit

IMG_8861 edit

IMG_8851 edit

IMG_8843 edit

IMG_8884 edit


beanie Forever 21 // tee Limited (similar) // blazer AE (similar) // jeans Anthropologie // wedges Target (similar)

So, as the cooler days continue to sneak up on us, remember to add a touch of glam!



One Response to “A Touch of Glam”
  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    A fall outfit for sure. Great wedges booties with a casual and warm style. 😉

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