DIY Festive Napkins


Continuing on with the Thanksgiving theme I wanted to show you a super quick sewing project. Fabric napkins can be really expensive. I wanted to add that layer of sophistication to my tablescape but I didn’t want to pay $20+ to do it. I dug through my fabric box and found this striped fabric and thought it would match my dishes the best.

I kept it as simple as possible. You could certainly elevate this project multiple ways- double folding the seems so the backside won’t fray, use two pieces of fabric so all edges have no seem showing, or sew on some ribbon.


Again, I wanted to keep this super simple so the only little embellishment I added was a small rectangle of coordinating fabric and stamped on the word “joy”. Once I wash these it will probably be gone, but is a quick little way to elevate the napkins.

– fabric (I used 4 18″ x 18″ squares)
– thread
– scissors
– sewing machine
– coordinating fabric
– alphabet stamps & ink
– measuring tape/board
– pins


Step 1 : pin and sew. I cut out my four squares, each 18″ x 18″. Then pinned up two opposite ends, about 1″. Then sew down those edges. Standard fabric napkin size is 16″ x 16″.


Step 2: pin and sew again. This time fold the remaining two edges over, pin in place, and sew them down. And just like that you have napkins!

The next steps are for adding a little embellishment.


Step 3: cut rectangles. I picked a coordinating fabric and estimated about how big I wanted the embellishment to be on the napkin. I just wanted an extra little detail in the corner so I cut my pieces about 2.5″ x 1″.


Step 4: stamp it. Next I used my alphabet stamps to add a word to the grey pieces. Other words to stamp: Thanks, Love, Celebrate, Peace. You could even do a different word on each napkin if you want! Have fun with it.


Step 5: pin it. Pretty simple. Pin the rectangle where you want it on the napkin. Be sure to consider how you’re going to present the napkins (folded, rolled, or a bird), and how it’s placement interacts with the pattern on the napkin.


Step 6: sew it. Just like that. Sew around all 4 edges on the rectangles and your embellishment is complete!



I love that I can use these any day, just pulling them out to bring any meal up a notch. Do you have any other ideas of ways to embellish a fabric napkin?



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