DIY Pom Pom Wreath


I have been making pom poms for weeks. I would grab my yarn and a pair of scissors and plop down on the couch and mindlessly make pom poms as I watched the Food Network. Five small balls of yarn later I finally had enough to make my pom pom wreath.


I wanted to add a splash of color to the front of our house, but this wreath could easily be fitted to any part of your house. You could throw it a nursery, a gallery wall, or switch out the colors for white, cream and gold for a Christmas wreath! Any where you put this wreath it is sure to add a touch of cheer.

– yarn (I used 3 colors, 5 balls of yarn total)
– scissors
– metal wreath 9″
– command plastic hook (a nail works fine too if you can make a hole on your surface)

pom pom instructionsFor each pom pom I used about 7 yards of yarn. To measure this, I held the ball of yarn in one hand near my shoulder. With the other hand I would pull the end with my other hand as far away from myself as possible. I would drop that end, pick up where I left off and repeat 6 more times. Basically you just end up with a small puddle of yarn to use for your pom pom.

When I tied the string around I made sure to pull super tight. If it isn’t pinched super tight the yarn will fall out and then you won’t have much of a pom pom at all.

pom pom instructions part 2


After the ends are trimmed, brush all the pieces to one half and pull the long strands behind. Give your pom pom a haircut to make it even.

My wreath had 6 sections on it. For each section I used about 7 pom poms. Keep that in mind as you’re making them. You could certainly add more to make it more full and dense, but I wouldn’t use less than that.


I used a command strip hook to hang the wreath on our front door. We have a screen door and an enclosed porch. Keep in mind how much of the elements your wreath will have to deal with if you choose to hang it outside.

Happy pom pom making!




3 Responses to “DIY Pom Pom Wreath”
  1. This is absolutely adorable and would be great gifts for the holidays!

  2. segmation says:

    I love the choice of colors you made this pom pom wreath in! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a really cute idea, and I love having mindless crafts to do while I’m watching other things!

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