Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

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I have really grown to adore Thanksgiving over the last couple years. It feels like a time to slow down, enjoy incredible food and even better people. I remember growing up and seeing my grandparents and magazines flood their tables with elaborate decorations and place settings. Well, now I’m 23 and I don’t own a gorgeous set of china or have a dining room to seat 10 people. But I do know how to make a beautiful, yet simple, tablescape for Thanksgiving.

Making a great tablescape is like making a great outfit- you need layers. Layers build detail, sophistication, and intrigue. Building a beautiful tablescape doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. Here are some tips to make a gorgeous table for a Thanksgiving feast!

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I wanted to keep it simple, but dress it up more than a normal day. Chances are if you’re hosting a dinner party, you’re probably also doing a lot of the cooking. So to keep stress and prices low here is how I brought my table together.

I made a rustic table runner, gathered pine cones from a park, stitched some striped napkins, picked my favorite dishes to use, printed festive menu cards from Tiny Prints, bought cheap greens from Trader Joe’s, and made simple conversation starters for the place settings. And then I grabbed my gourds leftover from Halloween and threw those on the table too!

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When it came to deciding which items that we would be eating to put on the small table, I opted for our appetizer items- baguette with brie & jam and apple cider sangria. Adding these two items to the table made it easier to enjoy our first course but didn’t take up too much room.

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Let’s talk about each element of the place setting for a moment. To add layers to each individual place setting I started with my base layer- the plate. My dishes are not all the same color so I picked colors that all matched my the color scheme I had going on. Next, I added my napkins that I had made last week to add a soft layer and some pattern.

After that I added my menu from Tiny Prints. I love the idea of having a menu card so your guests know what to expect and how much to gorge themselves on during each part of the meal! After the menu I added my conversation slips (more on that in a moment). And to top it all off I sat a pine cone at each place setting for a little more texture.

Transforming your table from Thanksgiving to Christmas to any dinner party is a cinch too! Tiny Prints has tons of options for menu cards, Christmas party invites, and even little gift tags that can be used at place settings! Just swap out your Thanksgiving themed items for something with a bit more cheer & merriment.

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Back to those conversation slips- Last year my girlfriends and I had a Thanksgiving together and our host (hi Ida!) put these adorable conversation starter slips at each place setting. It was a great way to get everyone talking and go a little bit beyond the traditional, “What are you thankful for?” So to make these I just ripped slips of paper, wrote a question, rolled them up, and taped them shut with a small piece of washi tape.

Here are the questions I used:
Who in history are you thankful for? No repeats!
What blessings in disguise are you currently dealing with?
What 3 people have influenced your life the most?
What event in your life are you most thankful for?

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Creating an inviting tablescape doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Just make sure to plan ahead, ask for help when needed, and to have fun with it!

To see more Thanksgiving Inspiration check out my Pinterest board!


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  1. This is so pretty and perfect for Thanksgiving! And I love those yellow accent chairs!!

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