Travel Essentials

As you know, I now live incredibly far from my family. So when it comes to thinking about heading back home for the holidays my packing list seems to grow exponentially! I made a little list of things I can’t hit the road without! I hope it helps you think through your packing list too!

travel essentials

Water bottle Target //  Back-Up Charger // Chunky Scarf Old Navy // Lip Balm EOS // Weekender Bag ModCloth // Audio Book  Amazon // Starbucks Latte Caramel Brulee //  Sunglasses ModCloth // Fragrance Amazon //

Let’s talk about a few of these items.

Audio Book: Last Thanksgiving we started listening to audio books on our road trips (I finally caved and was willing to listen to something other than hours of Taylor Swift). Since then, every time we spend more than an hour in the car we are finding something to listen to as we head down the road! I’ve been dying to read Amy Poehler’s book but I rarely take the time to sit down and read so listening to it on the road sounds like a great alternative to me (and bonus, she does the reading herself)!

Perfume: I don’t care if you’re spending 30 minutes in the car or 3 days in the car, by the time you arrive you always feel the need to freshen up. Keeping a bottle of your favorite perfume in your bag makes it easy to freshen up upon arrival. But do all your carpooling buddies a favor- don’t spray it in the car!

Chunky Scarf: As I’m sure you know by now, dressing in layers for road trips is your best option. We are always fighting over the controls (I like it chilly, he likes it deathly hot). When traveling I like to wear my biggest, chunkiest scarf as we go down the road. It acts almost as a neck pillow when I finally wear myself out from looking at Instagram & Pinterest. I’ll talk more about what to wear tomorrow!

What else do you need for a road trip?

A car! So whether you’re flying and then renting a car, or just plain need to rent a car, check out RelayRides as an option. They offer rentals from the airport, but rather than renting from a large company, you’re renting someone’s actual car. Nice little system that works out for everyone!

Whether you’re traveling 50 miles or 500 miles be sure to check the roads, pack a snack and water, and drive smart! Happy travels!


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