DIY Tree Ornament

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Thanksgiving is over and you know what that means? CHRISTMAS! Ok, I have actually had my tree up for about 2 weeks now… but I just couldn’t help myself. But I did refrain from letting Christmas flood here until turkey day was over. You’re welcome.

To start off the Christmas madness I wanted to bring you a simple DIY for your home!

I love making the ornaments we put on our tree. The stores make some really cute ones, but I love the idea of making what goes on our tree. And it’s a lot cheaper too!

This year I made some Christmas Tree Ornaments! I think they’re adorable and there are endless options for them.

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– fabric (I used some patterned red, but use anything you want!)
– fabric scissors (and real scissors to cut out your stencils)
– pins
– felt (for the stumps)
– sewing machine (you could stitch these by hand too if necessary)
– stuffing (I used fabric I had leftover from another project)

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Step 1: pin and cut. For my stencils I just drew rough triangles in three different sizes. After you cut those out, pin your tree stencils to your fabric. Make sure there are two layers of fabric.

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Step 2: prep. Next I prepped my trees with their stumps. You can remove the stencil and invert the fabric (so the outsides are facing each other) and then set your stump aside.

IMG_9086 edit

Step 3: sew. Sew along the two long edges, leaving the edge that the stump will attach to untouched.

IMG_9090 edit

Step 4: stuff and finish. The last step is to then turn the tree right side out, stuff it with scraps, and slide your stump in. Then sew along the bottom. I didn’t fold the bottom edge in, but I think there will be minimal fraying due to the light use of this item.

IMG_9091 edit

Ta-da! Just like that! A simple little ornament for your tree. We just wedge our ornaments in our tree but you could easily attach a string my running a need with thread threw the seam at the top and tie it off.

IMG_9092 edit

And before you know it you will have a little red forest of ornaments! Happy Christmas crafting!

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