Travel Essentials: What to Wear

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Last week you  saw what I think are a few essentials to never embark on a road trip without. Today I wanted to show you a sample outfit of what I wear when traveling. (I warned you about seeing more of this top!)

I’m not a sweatpants girl. I very rarely wear them out in public. And even when spending several hours in the car it is not likely that I would wear sweatpants. But, I do like to wear easy layers.

IMG_9118 edit

I typically opt for an open sweater, just in case it is my driving shift I must shimmy out of my sweater due to being on the verge of overheating. Not recommended. But occasionally necessary. I also told you how I pick my chunkiest scarf to double as a neck pillow. I absolutely love this scarf!

I also like to wear shoes that I can slip on and off quite easily. I like to sit with my legs up. In the winter, wet outside means wet shoes. Sitting crossed legged with wet shoes means wet bottom. No one likes a wet bottom.

IMG_9111 edit

IMG_9100 edit


top Anthropologie // sweater Old Navy (similar) // coat Old Navy (similar) //
jeans Anthropologie // boots DSW (similar) // tote Mod Cloth (similar) //
scarf Gap (similar) // pin Ruche 


So, my tips on what to wear when traveling:
-easy layers
-open front sweater
-chunky scarf
-slip on shoes

What about you? What do you insist on wearing when you travel?


One Response to “Travel Essentials: What to Wear”
  1. itsjess says:

    I’m with you on every last bit. But I usually bring something with a hood so I can sleep. I hate sitting next to strangers on a plane and knowing they are watching me turn into a drooling blob.

    Scarves usually do the trick though too. Makes me feel more classy like a 50’s girl driving in a convertible.

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