DIY Puppy Accessories


After we found out we were getting a puppy I knew I wanted him to be very well dressed. So I quickly hunted through Target and pet stores to find him some itty bitty accessories (he is only 2lbs after all) but found very little options. So I decided to make him a bandana and a bow tie. Being that Christmas is here, I wanted them to be a bit more festive too. Lucky me, JoAnn Fabrics was having a sale on the most perfect holiday plaids! So I bought my fabric and made him some accessories.


sewing machine
fabric (9″ is plenty for my little dog)
sheet of paper


Step 1: plan it out. I cut out my template for my bandana and pinned it to the fabric (two layers of fabric). I made sure my bandana was not wider than the collar.


Step 2: cut it out. After You line up your paper template cut out the two layers of fabric. Keep them pinned together and lined up.


Step 3: sew perimeter. Sew around all the edges, but leave a small section undone so you can flip it right side out.


Step 4: flip and close. Flip the bandana the correct way and fold in the open edge to sew it shut.


Step 5: fold and finish. The last step is to fold that top edge down and sew it to make a little sleeve for the collar to slide through. Make sure your collar fits in the sleeve good or else the bandana will be sliding all over.


And its finished! Little Darius refused to sit still for a picture, so this is what you get, but I promise he looks adorable in it!

The second accessory I made was a bow tie.


fabric (3″ x 9″) + (.5″ x 2.5″)
1/4″ wide elastic
hot glue gun


Step 1: fold. First fold hot dog bun style, taking the outer 1/4 on each side and fold it in, just barely over lapping. Feel free to use a little glue to hold the edges.

IMG_9035Step 2: fold again. Fold hamburger bun style this time, taking the outer 1/4 again and folding it to the middle, just so they meet. Feel free to use a little glue to hold the edges.


Step 3: pinch and glue. Now to take your fabric from a rectangle to a bow tie, pinch the middle, and glue as far back in the pinch as possible.


Step 5: pinch and glue some more. Now, take the top and bottom of the fabric in the middle and fold them backward and glue in place. This picture is the opposite side of the bow tie in the previous picture. Fold the top and bottom back in the middle to get the pleats.


Step 6: wrap the middle. Next, take your little piece of fabric and wrap it around the center, pull it tight and glue in place. Trim excess off.


Step 7: attach elastic. Take a small piece of elastic (big enough to slide your collar through) and glue it shut (think making paper chains at Christmas).  Then glue your small loop to the back side of your bow tie. Make sure you attach it correctly, so the loop runs parallel to the bow tie. And you’re done!


Now my little man can look extra handsome for the holidays!


3 Responses to “DIY Puppy Accessories”
  1. Hannah A. says:

    I love these! Do you think adding the amount of fabric would make them bigger? I’ve got a boy husky I would love to make one for!

  2. Aanna says:

    SO CUTE. Next post: Darius posing with his new getup? 😀

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