An Extra Touch


As Christmas approaches its time to start wrapping all those gifts. Sometimes wrapping gifts is the best part. I don’t have control over what is on everyone’s list, but I can certainly make the package as pretty as I want! So today I wanted to show you a few ideas of how to make those gifts pop from the moment they see it sitting under the tree.


The first step in making those gifts extra special is pulling out all your favorite embellishing pieces. For me that included:
– chipboard letters
– glitter paper
– ribbon
– glitter glue
– tags
– paper feathers
– punch outs
– alphabet stamp set

But feel free to use what ever supplies make you smile!


I started by decorating some tags with glitter glue. Once it dries it is even with the tag, no puffy paint look. These are great to write little holiday phrases, to & from, or to doodle on.



After that I wrapped my present, wrapped it in red ribbon, and added a glitter paper punch out. You can see my tags in the background, stamped with her name and a tag with a holiday phrase. Just like building an outfit or tablescape, layers are important for making a bold, cohesive look.


To finish it off I used some gold and white string to tie the tags on. Now her little gift is all ready to sit beneath the tree and will begin to bring joy to her the moment she sees it (right, Erica?)!


For my second gift I opted to not wrap the box. Sometimes a simple, strong box is pretty enough. To embellish this gift I started with some fun tape to seal the box. Next, I dug out some silver leaf ribbon that has been hiding in my craft stash for years. Again, I used the tags to stamp out her name. For extra color I used a chipboard letter.


It didn’t take a lot of extra time to add on these extra special touches, but it makes a huge difference in showing you care.

Another way taking the extra time can make a huge impact is with gift cards. We all have those people on our list that would much rather just get a gift card. But rather than just handing them a plain envelope, take the time to really dress it up with ribbon, glitter, and tags.

Speaking of gift cards, there is this company that sells gift cards at discounted prices. People can go online to sell their unwanted gift cards at a discounted rate (we all like a good deal!). So go check out Raise before you head to Target to buy another gift card. And remember to take a little time to add an extra touch on all your gifts!


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  1. Aanna says:

    Holly these are adorable!!!

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