DIY Paper Valentines


Crazy that January is almost over. I won’t complain. The sooner this month ends the closer spring gets! But, January ending also means the sweetest day of the year is coming! Valentine’s Day!

I love a chance to love on people and make mini paper crafts. So yesterday I pulled out some paper, a mound of washi tape, some glitter glue and got to work!


Here are a few of my tips for making your own Valentines for all those lovely people in your life!

pick a color scheme: I pulled out lime green, black, and varying shades of red & pink. Having a color scheme allowed me to grab whatever I wanted from my stack and throw it together without having to spend much time thinking about if it “works”.


gather all  your supplies: Nothing kills creativity like having to stop to go find that roll of tape you just remembered was in your car and you need it for the Valentine because nothing else would be as perfect as mini polka dots with chunky stripes. Agreed? Ok, good.


embellish like crazy: No need to fear being gaudy or over the top. Paper Valentines are supposed to be gaudy and loud and cute! Go crazy! I pulled out way too many rolls of tape, heart punch, birdie paper clips, glitter glue, pretty pens, crazy scissors, and alphabet stamps.


have fun: Write silly phrases or in crazy handwriting or be overly dramatic. Valentines should be fun! So go ahead, get a little crazy.



Happy crafting!


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