DIY Cutting Board Tray

IMG_9323 edit

This project was on my January Cravings List. I realize it is now mid-February, but the important thing is that it is finished! Woohoo!

This project took all of 20 minutes to complete once we sat down to actually do it. The hardest part was measuring accurately. Let me know if you give it a try!


– cutting board
– two 6″ pulls with 1/2″ screws
– drill bits (we used 7/64, 11/64)
– tape measure
– drill
– screw driver



Step 1: measure. We measured the pulls to find the middle and then measured to find the middle of the cutting board. Two inches in from the edge is where we wanted the pulls placed to avoid the drip ridge on the other side.


Step 2: mark the holes. Once you locate where the holes are going to go, mark it with a pencil.

IMG_9318 edit

Step 3: drill. Start by drilling with the 7/64 drill bit and then move up to the 11/64 drill bit. We used two sizes to make sure the cutting board wouldn’t split. Also, make sure your board hangs over the edge of table. I don’t think you want a new hole in your table top.


Step 4: attach pulls. Now you’re at the last step! Flip the board over, insert your screws and tighten your pulls on with a screw driver. With it flipped over you can see the drip edge we were trying to avoid.


This project was super simple! And I have no doubt that it will be able to be carried by the pulls. I saw a couple tutorials on Pinterest and they had just glued the pulls on the board. That seemed a bit risky to me. The only other addition I would make would be some no-scratch pads/stickers to the bottom. Right now the tray rests on the screw heads which would scratch a table top surface. My tray is sitting on my wire shelf so it isn’t an issue at this time.

IMG_9323 edit



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