Home Tour: Bedroom

We have lived in our apartment for about 9 months. Unfortunately, it has taken us 9 months to get our bedroom decorated. The worst part — we’re moving in 3 months. I will enjoy while it lasts though! However, I am so excited about how the bedroom turned out and I will enjoy it while … Continue reading

Wish List: Notecards

I love paper. I really really love it. I can’t help it. I have at least a dozen blank notebooks sitting on my book shelf. I have packages upon packages of notecards, and I can’t help but browse through adorably illustrated greeting cards in stores. Not only do I love the looks of notecards, but … Continue reading

Now I Lay Me Down

Lately I can’t stop craving white. I find it dreamy, romantic and soothing. To me, those words should describe my bedroom too. There is nothing more relaxing and romantic at the same time than a mystical and soothing bedroom. It seems like the most sacred room in your home, and it should be cherished as … Continue reading

Sleeping in Bliss

bedding. curtains. zinc letters. rug. pillow. pillow.¬†throw. mirror. candles. lamp base. lamp shade. Creating a sacred space in a bedroom can seem to be a challenge. Most of us are just transitioning from our bedroom being the place we hung out with our friends to the place we no longer allow our friends. Our bedrooms … Continue reading